What We Do.

We prepare you to succeed at the teacher interview.  Using insider resources developed by experienced school administrators, we provide the ’edge’ for the teacher interview though our:

Our services are designed to give teaching candidates the knowledge they need in an efficient and engaging format. Busy educators and teaching students need this preparation quickly prior to a teacher interview. Delivery of knowledge is balanced with exercises to build skills and confidence.

Who We Are.

Launched in 2009, we are a consortium of experienced and knowledgeable school administrators who have led hundreds of hiring teams over the years.  We have identified definitive systems and trends in how schools hire. We have also found that despite their outstanding passion and qualifications, many young or new educators are at a real disadvantage when it comes to landing jobs simply because they are not prepared for the unique hiring approaches used by schools. Time and again, we have seen talented new educators turned down for jobs in favor of those who had less to offer, but who were better prepared for the interview process. We put together The EDU Edge, determined to give those headed into teacher interviews the edge they need, no matter what their level of interviewing experience.

What We Believe In.

  • Schools of education will prepare you for the job. We can prepare you to get the job.
  • Talent should determine who lands jobs in education, not social capital or hiring hurdles.
  • Schools have processes for hiring that are unique from other organizations. Specialized preparation is needed to succeed within these parameters… right from your first interview.
  • Insider knowledge + preparation, preparation, preparation = success.
  • Our resources should be affordable and efficient to use.

For questions or more information, contact us at info@theEDUedge.com or 716.696.2854

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Valuable Inside Information To Get The Teaching Job.
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